SKIF: “Not just a sweater, more like a knitted romance”

SKIF's "Orbit" sweater in salt and pepper

SKIF International is a small production knitwear company that uses natural fibers like silk, wool, and “unprocessed” cotton to spin yarn into perfectly draped, soft, body-loving designs. SKIF’s newest designs will be available at a TRUNK SHOW this weekend at Fire Opal Brookline, beginning Thursday, November 17th, and ending Tuesday, November 22. I’ve pictured some of SKIF’s designs here, but you’ll have to visit Fire Opal to see which romances were spun this season!

With a small staff of 8 to 15 artisans, each garment is knitted on a machine by an individual over the course of three to six weeks in SKIF’s St. Louis, Missouri studio. Sizing is determined organically. Rather than Small Medium, and Large, yarn knitted more tightly will become a small; loose, a large, and so on.

SKIF's "Shelly" and "Keaton" sweaters in scotch

SKIF’s special, one-of-a-kind garments range in price from $250-$390– but the romance you may enter into with a SKIF garment is well worth the cost!

Like a woman made whole and happy by nature, creation, and beauty, SKIF’s sweaters live. Ruminating on SKIF’s vision–connection to the natural materials used and “joyful freedom every step of the way”– I am reminded of the life-filled woman in Sylvia Plath’s poem, “Two Sisters of Persephone,” about two yarn-spinning sisters:
“Bronzed as earth, the second lies,
Hearing ticks blown gold
Like pollen on bright air.”

SKIF's hemp and wool caper


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