Winter Clothing Sale at Fire Opal Brookline

Fire Opal Brookline is currently offering 20 – 40% off select clothing from handmade designer brands Bailey 44, Brigitte NYC, Comfy USA, Habitat, Mary De Angelis, Petit PoisRina Zin, Sun Kim, and Xiaoyan.

Scroll down for more information on the elegance and style of these fantastic brands.

Bailey 44

Los Angeles, CA

Bailey 44's classic, throwback slacks: the 'Poker Night Pant'

Sexy, interesting, ageless and wearable — all the looks that the owners wanted for themselves, but couldn’t find in stores, comprises Bailey 44 clothing. Bailey 44 strives for lines that are cool and understated, sexy but not overt, modern, relevant, well made, and most importantly, that really fit.

In Bailey 44’s Los Angeles, California headquarters, the designer personally tries on every style of this contemporary, women-owned label, allowing her to be involved in all phases of production. This in an important distinction, one that has made all the difference between cookie-cutter clothing and inventive looks that have integrity and are made in the USA.

Brigitte NYC

New York City, NY

Brigitte NYC's wonderful cropped and fitted sleeveless vest with a pebble texture

Elegant, handmade, ready-to-wear and custom clothing characterizes Brigitte NYC. Born in Germany, owner/designer Brigitte Vosse has worked and lived in New York City for 26 years. Her education and experiences range from art history, archaeology and architecture to costume designing as well as teaching and creating arts and crafts. Vosse’s designs exude the textures and eye for elegance in her repertoire.

Comfy USA

Northridge, CA

Comfy USA's moto jacket disguises extreme comfort in rock 'n roll asymmetry

Comfy USA is designed for customers who want modern, trend-appropriate clothes that balance casual and career with contemporary fashion. Young in spirit, realistic in fit and at affordable price points with quality, Comfy USA’s fair trade apparel products are seasonless, timeless, ageless, clean and sophisticated. It goes without saying that these comfortable clothes are made in the USA.


Norwood, MA

Habitat's rich textures and flattering lines are perfect winter wear

Also made in the USA, and based in Massachusetts, Habitat’s “Clothes To Live In” are high quality clothing for casual comfort. Rich colored yarns, comfortable, soft weaves, and classic shapes define this brand.

Mary De Angelis

Provincetown, MA

Mary De Angelis clothing is cool, casual, and ready for any situation

Mary De Angelis creates elegant, sophisticated clothing for all types of women by hand in New England from the finest quality fabrics. All of Fire Opal’s apparel is handmade with care, but knowing Mary De Angelis’ fabulous apparel is made locally is a bonus that will remind you that you are a key component in the creation, production, and overall life cycle of a well made garment.

Petit Pois

Miami, FL

Petis Pois' vivid mesh brightens every outfit, any season

Designer Viviana creates premium luxury knit collections with signature tie-dye mesh and original, beautiful printed designs.

With Petit Pois, Viviana designs and manufacture her premium luxury knit collections at her Miami headquarters. Viviana’s experiences and life-style have influenced her brand, as have her ever-evolving customers. She understands the needs of women in this modern day world. Petit Pois is a manufacturer that not only designs but cuts and produces the entire line on-site with absolute control over the quality of the garments. Being in total control of the process represents the philosophy of the company: “First quality garments and first class customer service with affordable prices geared for the Better and Contemporary markets.”

Rina Zin

Yavne, Israel

The sheer elegance of Rina Zin clothing is evident in each piece

Artistic & exclusive, Rina Zin’s specialty is designing a look of refinement, nostalgia & romanticism.

Rina Zin clothing features a unique language, mysteriousness and subliminal text as well as careful craftsmanship. As her trademark style has evolved and matured, her exquisite collections and breathtakingly beautiful catalogues have been drawing increasing media attention. Her designs are characterized by very feminine, sophisticated, clean and tailored lines which are also sensual and soft, flattering while having a dialogue with the wearer’s body. Rina Zin’s collections are known for their high quality dressmaking and finish, befitting haute couture. The designs combine fabrics and knits with differing degrees of sheerness, metallic tints and textures which are also subjected to unusual dyeing, softening and other unique fabric manipulations.

Sun Kim

Northridge, CA

Sun Kim's revolutionary 'Memory' fabric is paired with cutting edge forms

Sun Kim is made for the modern woman — one who values city chic in comfortable, lightweight, packable, travel wear. Sun Kim clothing is also water repellent and Made in U.S.A.

Created in a new memory fabric that memorizes the original shape and features of the design, this collection is super chic, with a wrinkle-free style, smooth surface and  comfortable feel.


San Francisco, CA

You won't find anything else like Xiaoyan's fabrics combined with sculptural shapes-- truly art to wear.

XIAOYAN is an exotic and majestic brand of clothing created by Xiaoyan Lin. Lin combines familiar shapes with unexpected fabrics to create her beautiful pieces of wearable art. Her forms are simple but her finishes are luxurious.

Centered in San Francisco, Xioayan Lin and her husband have been creating bold, structural art. An art to wear clothing brand that uses the finest Japanese fabrics in all of their clothing, Xiaoyan uses geometric shapes, and rich textiles in their clothing collection for the decades to come.


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