Jamaica Plain Sparkles!

Fire Opal | City Feed and Supply
EVENT: Sparkle
DATE: Thursday, February 9, 2012, 6pm – 8pm
FEATURING: Sparkling wines and sparkling Valentine’s jewelry from Adel Chefridi
LOCATION: Fire Opal, 683 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130

City Feed & Supply will pour select fine sparkling wines in the spirit of lovers. Fire Opal will showcase its array of beautiful handmade crafts with a spotlight on dazzling new pieces from exquisite jeweler Adel Chefridi. Sparkling wine and sparkling gems will pair perfectly on this pre-Valentine’s Day evening.

Adel Chefridi's Carnelian drop necklace strikes a simple resonance

Adel Chefridi’s philosophy as a former gemologist with a lover’s touch, is that the cutting, polishing, and setting reveal the beauty already inherent in each jewel. Chefridi’s stones shine with apparent knowledge, expertise, and love of joining gems and the wearer. Adel Chefridi’s jewelry is available exclusively at Fire Opal in the Boston area.

Westport Rivers' Vintage Rosé entwines Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in a lovers' knot

City Feed’s resident Wine buyer, Jake, will be sampling a variety of sparkling wines, featuring Westport Rivers Rosé, a 2004 vintage with aromas of strawberries, apple and creamy toast.

“Sparkle” is the second in a series of collaborative events from Fire Opal and City Feed and Supply. City Feed’s philosophy of buying local, organic and healthy is a perfect pair with Fire Opal’s commitment to American handmade craft. Both businesses have deep connections to the artisanal, handcrafted, micro atelier.

For information on Craft Night, please visit Fire Opal on Facebook and fire-opal.com.


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