New Arrivals – Spring Clothes

Every day we’re getting new pieces from great spring collections.  Here are a few of our favorites (so far!). Stay tuned for more inside looks at our new arrivals. And click on anything you love to find it in our online store!


BRAND NEW DESIGNER Olivvi – Brut Sweater in Storm



Portotrivolitop_1024x1024 Isn’t this asymmetrical take on the plain white tee stunning? As always PORTO hits it out of the park


Comfy-chic at it’s finest. The Gin Tunic by SKIF International.


We’re head over heels for this funky yet elegant vest by Sun Kim. And the color is one of our favorites for spring.

Exclusive Aimee G/GRUB Fall Trunk Show


We are so excited to be hosting an exclusive fall trunk show featuring work from Aimee G’s fall 2013 line and one-of- a -kind pieces from her collection in the Brookline gallery this week!

Aimee G. took inspiration for her fall line from the PBS sensation Downton Abbey. With a mix of prints, fabrics, and colors Aimee is able to put a modern twist on classic period pieces. Each piece has a name associated with the luxe world of Downton and it is easy to see the inspiration while still relating to the clothing as modern, wearable fashion.


Aimee G’s designs are for the fashion-forward woman who eschews mainstream trends. Fluid, sculptural shapes combined with prints & artful colors in eco-friendly fabrics are integral components of each new collection.  Today the Aimee G line consists of 65% organic/sustainable materials and nearly 100% natural fibers.  As a designer she is a proponent of building strong relationships with local vendors and manufacturers, Aimee has also taken efforts to ensure that her collections are produced locally in New York.

Aimee received her degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She launched her line Aimee G in 2004.

Come in to Fire Opal in Coolidge Corner for a chance to experience American-made fashion at it’s best. Bold, chic, and comfortable, pieces from Aimee G’s collection are must-have fall statement looks.

Rina Zin Fall 2013 – Inspired Classics

“Acknowledging that everything I have thought of has already been done, is my daily bread. It keeps me conscious, restless, and attentive and ready. Everyday, I put myself to the test trying to be better than I was yesterday. Aspiring to give birth to valid creations that will stand the test of time, are creative and desirable, yet wearable and welcoming at the same time. Every garment I’m creating is the fruit of a very long pensive process, trials, wonder, and a meticulous hard work. I call it an “intelligent garment,” it reaches up to such a degree of clarity and refinement that the result is a bright thought. At the end of each day, I see clear proof that depth and maturity really are an advantage.” – Rina Zin

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Rina Zin’s fall line has arrived in Brookline!  We are so pleased to have this icon of the handmade and design world in the shop for a 13th season. We fell in love with Rina’s work 6 years ago and continue to be in awe of her flawlessly tailored and imminently delicate creations.

Nothing describes her work better than this quote from an article about her work published by Shenkin West in 2012 “Her unique aesthetic and impeccable tailoring has garnered her a loyal following. Her fans can’t get enough of her Victorian-esqe collars, romantic prints, and fine mix of fabrics. Within every Rina Zin collection one can sense her inspiration woven into every stich. Her soft, sophisticated, and clean designs can make women feel sensual yet stylish. Zin’s eye for combining fabrics and textures in unmatched…The effortlessness with which she designs and styles her looks is enviable by any fashionista.”

Rina has been designing clothing for over 20 years. Never straying from quality, form, and  a uniquely monochromatic yet multi-tonal color palate of whites, blacks, greys, and browns. The graceful simplicity of her designs are meant to create a dialogue between the garments and the wearer with the philosophy that one is not complete without the other.

Shop the pieces here:

MoonTide Dyers: Color, Pattern, Movement


MoonTide Dyers began as a collaborative effort between classmates. Abbie Chambers & Maura Cronin met in Artisanry School at UMass Dartmouth and after swapping ideas and techniques in separate studios they decided to work together on an experimental line of women’s t-shirts. That was in 2005. The t-shirts were a sell-out hit at a New Bedford craft fair, and from that short run of only 30 tops, Moon Tide Dyers was born. Abbie works mainly in garment design and construction, while Maura does much of the dyeing and patterning. But they both can agree that their inspiration words are “Color, Pattern, and Movement”. Based in a New Bedford studio space, MoonTide is a community based business and works hard to maintain ethical and responsible business practices by regularly sourcing new material, and working with local factories for the creation of larger runs of garments. MoonTide’s garments use a soft, 4-way stretch jersey fabric that is stylish enough to wear for special occasions, yet soft and cozy enough for lounging around. Abbie and Maura strive for the ultimate in wearability and work hard to ensure their pieces are functional and flattering. We are so grateful that they were able to take some time to talk to us for the blog and are very excited to host a trunk show with them and the new spring line on Friday March 22, 2013 from 1pm – 6pm in the Brookline store. Read on for some background on these two great local artists and their growing business.

 How old were you when you started making clothes?

Abbie: Although I didn’t start making clothing until high school, one of my earliest memories is of my grandmother sewing.  She used to have a clothing store in Canada and she did alterations.  When I was a baby, she would take care of me there.   I remember watching her sitting on a high stool, hemming something.  My mom also did a lot of sewing while I was growing up, making Halloween costumes for us, and beautiful dresses for herself.

Maura: I never really wanted to make clothes, although my grandma was an amazing seamstress and I did love watching her make something out of nothing.  My desire has always been with color and surface texture.  It’s probably why I am in a partnership – we can share our skills and do the things that we like and are the best at.

Have you had any specific inspirations for this season? 

Maura: I think Abbie and I have always been interested in color and how design patterns on garments work on the body.  We have always wanted to create for dance.  This season we did bring in a few garments that are good for yoga lifestyle.

Abbie: For me it was mainly color.  I really like the soft springy colors that we chose.

Are you branching out into any kinds of new pieces or techniques?

Abbie: Maura and I are both doing different projects this year.  In some ways, we are taking it back to the roots of what we did before Moon Tide.  Both Maura and I used to make yardage using various techniques, batik, screen printing, and potato dextrin (our favorite!). Maura has made a limited run of garments patterned with potato dextrin and sold them at some of the craft fairs we do, they’ll be on the website soon. I’m working on wrap dresses made of West African wax prints (very different from Moon Tide)  I think we both have been working with knits for so long, that we have a desire to work with woven fabrics again.

Maura: I do love working with potato starch as Abbie mentioned!. I hope to start making some garments on woven fabrics as well, mainly silk.  I like to think about keeping the garment structure as simple as I can – then highlight  with pattern and color – let that be what sticks out.

What is your design process like? Do you sketch and plan or start directly with the fabric & dye?

Abbie: Both, but mainly we work directly with the materials.

Maura: We do a lot of experimenting in the studio before we start.

Do you have a daily routine in the studio?

Abbie: We just went through a big move this fall and split into two studios.  Things have not really settled into a routine since this happened, but it’s getting there.

Maura: I now take care of most of the production (the actual making of the product – dye and pattern) and Abbie does all the design of constructing the garments.  Of course we are in constant communication about that process.  I do know that every Monday I need to make lists and do computer research (set the tone, get inspiration), and every Friday I need to clean (end of the week cleansing, mental and emotional, and of course physical).  Mid-week is left for the more production-like work and it is when our assistant is working so I like to work with her.

How did you decide to make New Bedford your home? How does your community there inform your work?

Maura: I live in New Bedford and now our studio is in my live space.  It is a wonderful artist community in our building.  New Bedford worked because it was affordable to start a business here.  It has been great to create here and to connect to the textile industry as well.  New Bedford still has raw roots.  There is no pretense here.  For me, it is helpful because it keeps it all real.

Abbie: And luckily for us it has a big artist community.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far and what is your professional goal for 2013? 

Abbie: I can’t nail it down to one big accomplishment, but I feel proud of what Maura and I have created.  We started this business from scratch back in 2005.  It started very small and we had no business plan or anything.  We’ve kept it going through the years, learning and growing from each experience.

Maura: I like that answer!  I think while keeping Moon Tide going Abbie and I are also branching off into more specialized and personal adventures with our art.  It’s extremely important to keep this part alive and moving.  Moon Tide will grow with us and our other creative endeavors will inform it.  I think one of my personal goals for 2013 is to work with the local Buzzards Bay coalition here in New Bedford that works to clean up our waters.  I have been wanting to make a ’cause’ shirt that help support that.

Girl on the Go, Collection on the Grow

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Last December Fire Opal hosted its first trunk show with newly-minted fiber artist and designer Ashley Conchieri. We were excited to showcase her talent and enthusiasm and to help her launch her collection and we can’t wait to see what’s new in her line at the trunk show in Brookline on November 15.

Over the last year Ashley has been working tirelessly to grow her business, “I really cannot believe how much I have learned about being a designer, artist, and entrepreneur. You really have to learn how to wear all the hats that come with being a business owner in order to gain success,” she said when asked about her first year. Operating out of her own studio space in the Porter Mill Artist building in Beverly, MA Ashley has continued to build her collection in hand woven, felted, dyed and painted fabrics. In just her first year in business, Ashley’s work has appeared in four magazines, received the Mearl K. Gable II Memorial Grant through  the Handweavers’ Guild of America and been highlighted on WCVB-TV Boston’s program Chronicle. She has been able to place pieces of her 2011 collection in numerous boutiques and craft galleries in the area (including both Fire Opal locations) and has shown at The Society for Arts and Crafts and the Paradise City Arts Festival among others.

“I feel like over the course of this past year I’ve really begun to realize my voice as a designer.” Ashley said about building the collection for Fall.  This season she’s working to expand on her felted, open weave armor pieces. “I am still really in love with the texture and sculptural nature of the Armour fabric. Which has led me to subtly alter and play with the negative spaces in the fabric. What is so amazing about weaving your own fabric is that the simplest changes can completely change the design.”  She’s also been working with silk this year, taking inspiration from traditional African patterns and adornments and artist Sonia Delauney, adding a completely new fabric and texture to her line. Fresh and vibrant colors along with varying textures keep the clothing contemporary and seasonal. The silk pieces are versatile classics that can be worn alone or integrated with her more structured wools. Ashley’s collection continues to grow as a brand built on creating unique wearable artworks that become statement pieces and wardrobe staples. “…there have been days where I’ve felt defeated, but then I’ll see someone wearing and enjoying what I’ve made and I remember why I wanted to do this.”

Join us Thursday from 6 – 8pm to shop for new and classic pieces, meet Ashley yourself, and experience the soft warmth of the Ashley Conchieri collection.

Winter Clothing Sale at Fire Opal Brookline

Fire Opal Brookline is currently offering 20 – 40% off select clothing from handmade designer brands Bailey 44, Brigitte NYC, Comfy USA, Habitat, Mary De Angelis, Petit PoisRina Zin, Sun Kim, and Xiaoyan.

Scroll down for more information on the elegance and style of these fantastic brands.

Bailey 44

Los Angeles, CA

Bailey 44's classic, throwback slacks: the 'Poker Night Pant'

Sexy, interesting, ageless and wearable — all the looks that the owners wanted for themselves, but couldn’t find in stores, comprises Bailey 44 clothing. Bailey 44 strives for lines that are cool and understated, sexy but not overt, modern, relevant, well made, and most importantly, that really fit.

In Bailey 44’s Los Angeles, California headquarters, the designer personally tries on every style of this contemporary, women-owned label, allowing her to be involved in all phases of production. This in an important distinction, one that has made all the difference between cookie-cutter clothing and inventive looks that have integrity and are made in the USA.

Brigitte NYC

New York City, NY

Brigitte NYC's wonderful cropped and fitted sleeveless vest with a pebble texture

Elegant, handmade, ready-to-wear and custom clothing characterizes Brigitte NYC. Born in Germany, owner/designer Brigitte Vosse has worked and lived in New York City for 26 years. Her education and experiences range from art history, archaeology and architecture to costume designing as well as teaching and creating arts and crafts. Vosse’s designs exude the textures and eye for elegance in her repertoire.

Comfy USA

Northridge, CA

Comfy USA's moto jacket disguises extreme comfort in rock 'n roll asymmetry

Comfy USA is designed for customers who want modern, trend-appropriate clothes that balance casual and career with contemporary fashion. Young in spirit, realistic in fit and at affordable price points with quality, Comfy USA’s fair trade apparel products are seasonless, timeless, ageless, clean and sophisticated. It goes without saying that these comfortable clothes are made in the USA.


Norwood, MA

Habitat's rich textures and flattering lines are perfect winter wear

Also made in the USA, and based in Massachusetts, Habitat’s “Clothes To Live In” are high quality clothing for casual comfort. Rich colored yarns, comfortable, soft weaves, and classic shapes define this brand.

Mary De Angelis

Provincetown, MA

Mary De Angelis clothing is cool, casual, and ready for any situation

Mary De Angelis creates elegant, sophisticated clothing for all types of women by hand in New England from the finest quality fabrics. All of Fire Opal’s apparel is handmade with care, but knowing Mary De Angelis’ fabulous apparel is made locally is a bonus that will remind you that you are a key component in the creation, production, and overall life cycle of a well made garment.

Petit Pois

Miami, FL

Petis Pois' vivid mesh brightens every outfit, any season

Designer Viviana creates premium luxury knit collections with signature tie-dye mesh and original, beautiful printed designs.

With Petit Pois, Viviana designs and manufacture her premium luxury knit collections at her Miami headquarters. Viviana’s experiences and life-style have influenced her brand, as have her ever-evolving customers. She understands the needs of women in this modern day world. Petit Pois is a manufacturer that not only designs but cuts and produces the entire line on-site with absolute control over the quality of the garments. Being in total control of the process represents the philosophy of the company: “First quality garments and first class customer service with affordable prices geared for the Better and Contemporary markets.”

Rina Zin

Yavne, Israel

The sheer elegance of Rina Zin clothing is evident in each piece

Artistic & exclusive, Rina Zin’s specialty is designing a look of refinement, nostalgia & romanticism.

Rina Zin clothing features a unique language, mysteriousness and subliminal text as well as careful craftsmanship. As her trademark style has evolved and matured, her exquisite collections and breathtakingly beautiful catalogues have been drawing increasing media attention. Her designs are characterized by very feminine, sophisticated, clean and tailored lines which are also sensual and soft, flattering while having a dialogue with the wearer’s body. Rina Zin’s collections are known for their high quality dressmaking and finish, befitting haute couture. The designs combine fabrics and knits with differing degrees of sheerness, metallic tints and textures which are also subjected to unusual dyeing, softening and other unique fabric manipulations.

Sun Kim

Northridge, CA

Sun Kim's revolutionary 'Memory' fabric is paired with cutting edge forms

Sun Kim is made for the modern woman — one who values city chic in comfortable, lightweight, packable, travel wear. Sun Kim clothing is also water repellent and Made in U.S.A.

Created in a new memory fabric that memorizes the original shape and features of the design, this collection is super chic, with a wrinkle-free style, smooth surface and  comfortable feel.


San Francisco, CA

You won't find anything else like Xiaoyan's fabrics combined with sculptural shapes-- truly art to wear.

XIAOYAN is an exotic and majestic brand of clothing created by Xiaoyan Lin. Lin combines familiar shapes with unexpected fabrics to create her beautiful pieces of wearable art. Her forms are simple but her finishes are luxurious.

Centered in San Francisco, Xioayan Lin and her husband have been creating bold, structural art. An art to wear clothing brand that uses the finest Japanese fabrics in all of their clothing, Xiaoyan uses geometric shapes, and rich textiles in their clothing collection for the decades to come.

Ashley Conchieri Trunk Show at Fire Opal JP

December 1, 2011, 6PM  – 8PM, Fire Opal JP (683 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA) will host a trunk show of new fiber apparel pieces by local designer Ashley Conchieri.

Ashley “believes in using innovation with an appreciation for luxury that suits modern women.” Materials as luxurious as cashmere, merino wool, and silk are prevalent in her work, as well as the processes of  hand dyeing, wet felting, and sewing.

Her pieces are one size fits most due to the unique shaping and open weave. Many of her pieces are reversible, as every inch of construction features interesting lines, spaces, and textures.

Each piece is so carefully crafted, so delicately balanced, to be a poised work of an art, an exquisite structure.

Visit Fire Opal JP on December 1 to meet Ashley and learn about her unique felted and woven pieces for holiday gifts, evening wear, or the addition of boldness to your every day wardrobe.